Jonas Lorenz

Recent Work

inventory monitoring

web-scraping service that monitors the inventory of suppliers.

Portfolio for my freelancing business.

various landing pages

Multiple landing pages for crypto & technology projects.

My personal portfolio.

Web-based tool for creating Sankey Diagrams.


API microservice for procedurally generating placeholder avatars.


Archiver, scraper, and reader frontend for hackernews posts.

Contact Me

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  • languages & frameworks
  • golang
  • java, c#
  • type-/javascript
  • react (native)
  • html/css
  • devops
  • git, linux
  • gitlab (ci), github (actions)
  • docker
  • databases
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • mongodb
  • redis
  • misc
  • arduino, esp8266
  • 3d printing, fpv drones
  • project management
  • seo